How to Write Amazing Facebook Ads for Your Gym

It’s OK if you’re an entrepreneur but don’t know how to write amazing Facebook ads for your gym. You can learn! In this post, we’ll teach you exactly how to create ad copy that grabs attention and convinces your ideal clients to click, enter your funnel and eventually make a purchase. Read on to find […]

The 10 Best Marketing Ideas for Your CrossFit Gym

Marketing ideas for CrossFit?  They were barely a thing 12 years ago. CrossFit affiliates generally just ran classes and waited for people to show up. That passive approach cost a lot of gym owners a lot of clients—and money. Things have changed, and if you don’t have great marketing ideas for your gym, you’re not […]

Teardown of 8 Gym Landing Pages

If you’re trying to grow your fitness business, you need to know all about gym landing pages. These are the carefully designed web pages prospective clients land on when they click an ad. They’re designed to accomplish a marketing task, and every element has a job to do. Words matter. So do pictures. And layout […]