Content marketing for gyms: It’s the key to warmer leads, more sales, greater brand awareness and increased web traffic. The days of radio spots, flyers, TV commercials and full-page newspaper ads are long gone. In the digital era, with consumers locked to smartphones bursting with information and entertainment, attention spans are short and “banner blindness” […]

Is text message marketing for gyms effective—and should you hit your clients with SMS messages instead of email? The answers: yes—and sometimes. Text message marketing is incredibly effective. reports that SMS open rates are 99 percent, while marketing emails are opened about 30 percent of the time. And 97 percent of text messages are […]

It’s OK if you’re an entrepreneur but don’t know how to write amazing Facebook ads for your gym. You can learn! In this post, we’ll teach you exactly how to create ad copy that grabs attention and convinces your ideal clients to click, enter your funnel and eventually make a purchase. Read on to find […]

Gym owners often ask how to sell gym memberships online — or if it can even be done. The short answer: It’s 100 percent possible to sell gym memberships online, and many fitness entrepreneurs are doing it with great success. Some are even selling very expensive packages that drive up their average revenue per member. […]

It’s been almost two years since the inception of Gym Lead Machine and our very first website template. After managing over 700 websites for gym owners, the number one piece of constructive feedback we get is that users would like to make minor updates on their own. Gym Lead Machine is a full-service website and […]


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