11 Content Marketing Tips to Turn Your Gym’s Blog Into a Lead Machine

Content marketing for gyms: It’s the key to warmer leads, more sales, greater brand awareness and increased web traffic. The days of radio spots, flyers, TV commercials and full-page newspaper ads are long gone. In the digital era, with consumers locked to smartphones bursting with information and entertainment, attention spans are short and “banner blindness” […]

The Ultimate Text Message Marketing Guide for Gym Owners

Is text message marketing for gyms effective—and should you hit your clients with SMS messages instead of email? The answers: yes—and sometimes. Text message marketing is incredibly effective. Redeye.com reports that SMS open rates are 99 percent, while marketing emails are opened about 30 percent of the time. And 97 percent of text messages are […]

Your 2021 Internet Marketing Plan

Your 2021 Internet Marketing Plan Do you have an internet marketing plan for your gym business in 2021? If not, you’re falling behind by the day. But don’t worry: We can get you up to speed—fast.  All you need to do is read this article, download the accompanying workbook and fill it out. We’ll walk […]

The Guide to Local SEO for Gym Owners

GLM and SEO for Fitness Businesses AMRAP, WOD, SEO?  SEO isn’t a workout term—but it’s definitely hard work, and it’s important to the success of your gym. SEO stands for “search engine optimization,” and it refers to everything a company can do to get large amounts of the right people to its website without paying […]

The 10 Best Marketing Ideas for Your CrossFit Gym

Marketing ideas for CrossFit?  They were barely a thing 12 years ago. CrossFit affiliates generally just ran classes and waited for people to show up. That passive approach cost a lot of gym owners a lot of clients—and money. Things have changed, and if you don’t have great marketing ideas for your gym, you’re not […]