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“We were able to 10X the volume of leads and conversions. Throw a little money at it and let the system work”

Mike Turnquist | CrossFit Ergo

Launched: February 22th, 2021
Time to build both sites and CRM: 11 days
Template: Brick

CrossFit Ergo is owned by Mike Turnquist and is located in Paso Robles, California, USA. Paso Robles has approximately 30,000 people, and CrossFit Ergo serves a demographic of business owners and blue-collar workers between 30-50 years old.

Mike took over CrossFit Ergo two years ago after being a member at Ergo for almost four years. When Mike took over the gym, it was running more like a hobby than a business. After taking over in 2019, Mike and his partner started transforming the gym into a “premier training and coaching facility. It was just kind of a place to work out before. Now, it’s thriving and doing what it’s supposed to be doing.”

Mike loves being an entrepreneur, and he says that running his gym doesn’t feel like work even though he puts in some “crazy hours.” He knows that he’s doing good work and changing lives inside his community. Mike enjoys everything from coaching to goal reviews and is fulfilled by helping people with their health.

“I keep telling people that this is a good gig now that I don’t have to do it for free.” – Mike Turnquist.

The Challenge: 

Before Gym Lead Machine, Mike attempted to manage his leads with his gym management software, but he quickly realized that lead management was not what the software was designed to do. He used a combination of UpLaunch, spreadsheets, notes, checklists, Mailchimp, and pen & paper to keep track of prospect flow and communication. “It was a disaster,” Mike said when asked about how he could keep all of those lists in sync.

The second challenge he faced was the low volume of leads coming in. Before finding Gym Lead Machine, CrossFit Ergo was only getting about four leads per month through a simple WordPress website that he built himself.

Mike was in the market for a tried and tested software and a reputable company to help him grow his gym. He signed up with a few others before finding Gym Lead Machine. Mike realized the programs were either too new in the marketplace or didn’t allow enough flexibility in the software to allow for the customizations that he needed for his client journeys.

The Solution:

When Mike discovered Gym Lead Machine, it was an easy decision for him. The entire process from sign up to launch was seamless. There was a simple questionnaire to fill out with all the information needed to build the site. Everything from photos, emails, and coach profiles was included in the questionnaire. “It was just so systematic; the onboarding process all made sense, and it was really easy,” Mike said.

After Mike approved the website, he poured into the provided training videos and onboarding course and discovered “it’s a super-powerful software.” Mike made very few customizations to his website and software and just let it run as stock when he launched: “The follow-up campaigns are great; I barely needed to change anything in there.”, he said.

Gym Lead Machine has increased leads for CrossFit Ergo from 4 per month to upwards of 99 leads per month. It has also saved Mike and his team a significant amount of time. The systemization and automation of lead nurture is a huge time saver. Gym Lead Machine has allowed his team to be more effective and efficient with ad spend since he can now communicate with three times as many people in the same amount of time.

“It removes the part of my brain that I have to think about, whom do I have to communicate with or push people along that journey. Because if someone no-shows an appointment, I move them over to ‘no-show,’ and the system takes over. I don’t have to think about it… it saves me valuable brain space, energy, and capacity.”

Since CrossFit Ego systems were solid, he didn’t have to change much of their internal sales processes when he launched the new site. Mike already had strong “show” and “close” numbers before employing GLM. All he had to do was add more leads and his conversion rate increased. “We were able to 10X the volume of leads and conversions. Throw a little money at it and let the system work. It’s an easy
investment to make. If you could get these odds in Vegas they’d kick you out. You’d be on every casino’s blacklist,” he added.

Even the level of customer service pleasantly surprised Mike, “I get that with Two-Brain Business, and I get that with Gym Lead Machine. Now I’m very sensitive if a company doesn’t do what you guys do.”

“When I’m asking a stupid question, whoever answers the email makes me feel like I’m the only one they’re assisting. I don’t know how you do that through email, but it’s really cool. I don’t feel afraid to ask stupid questions. I’m like, okay, this is part of what we pay for; being able to get your stupid questions answered.”

When we asked Mike what he would tell someone considering using Gym Lead Machine for their gym, he said, “Just do it. Don’t waste time, and you will earn all your money back.”

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