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“Upon signing up with Gym Lead Machine, we doubled our lead flow in just one month.”

PJ Cavalli | Tribe London

Launched: May 18, 2021
Time to build both sites and CRM: 13 days total
Template: Brick

Tribe Fitness is owned by PJ Cavalli and is located in London, UK. PJ found CrossFit in 2010 and, like many gym owners, fell in love after his first session and a fantastic experience with a coach. PJ became a CrossFit Coach and opened his first gym in Hammersmith in 2014 and his second gym in Shepherd’s Bush in 2018. PJ is currently on the search for the perfect spot to open his third location.

The Challenge: 

Like many gym owners, PJ built his first website himself. For future iterations, he hired freelancers and website developers. PJ quickly realized that the people he hired did exactly what he told them to do with no feedback. They did not have previous experience with the micro gym industry to know what a gym website should look like or how it should function. He felt as though there was very little guidance or direction. At one point, PJ was also using UpLaunch, Acuity, and a few other software platforms to stitch together an online lead management system, but he still felt, though, that he was left to his own devices to figure everything out. PJ is one of many gym owners worldwide to join the Two-Brain Business mentoring program, where he heard other gym owners talking about Gym Lead Machine at a Two-Brain Business regional get-together in his area.

PJ struggled to try to understand if his website was converting or not. Many websites look nice and tell the prospect lots of information, but there are too few calls to action to allow them to enter their information and inquire about services.

“If I’m honest, unless people booked an intro with us, I had no clue how many people went to our website or started to put information in or any of that.”

The Solution: 

“I knew we needed to do something, and I knew we needed to have only one system that covered the automation, scheduling, communication, and website. So by looking at all the software, I was using, it was roughly the same price as GLM.”

Before starting with GLM, Tribe Fitness in Hammersmith reported 40 new leads in May of 2021. Upon signing up with Gym Lead Machine, PJ doubled his lead flow in just one month. In June and July, the same location reported 71 and 83 leads per month respectively. PJ’s team went on to add 51 members from June to August. 

“I didn’t expect it to be as effective as it was. We’ve been in business for seven years and do things really well, so I didn’t expect that Gym Lead Machine was going to do so well.” 

PJ has a large team spread out between two busy locations in London, UK, and they need to use their time efficiently. By utilizing Gym Lead Machine, his staff has decreased the amount of time they spend on lead nurture and more time doing the things they love like sales and training clients. PJ reported that his gym manager has gone from 10-15 hours a week managing leads to less than 5 hours by using GLM.

Gym Lead Machine builds websites that work. There are no long wait times for burning questions, there is an entire video library to allow for self-service problem solving, and the Customer Support team is ready seven days a week to answer questions if they arise. 

“The customer service is great. Whenever I have questions, I get an answer straight back that day. So that’s a big, big plus.” 

Tons of features make Gym Lead Machine the best solution for your front-end marketing efforts, like the done-for-you funnels and the hundreds of pre-written lead nurture emails. When asked what his favorite feature about Gym Lead Machine was, Pj said, “Just lots of little details, like having to mark messages as ‘unread’ so they don’t get missed. Every little thing just seems to work.”

PJ’s last piece of advice to anyone thinking of making the switch to Gym Lead Machine was, “Go for it, 100%, it’s been everything we wanted and more.”

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